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Full Version: Council Tax Incentive
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The Government has said that it plans to introduce incentives to local authorities to support sites for housing through a New Homes Bonus Scheme. The proposal is that the Council Tax from each new home built will be matched for six years and an even bigger incentive of 125% of the Council Tax for each new "affordable" house.

Will this incentive have a tangible impact upon planning requirements and conditions?
what we need is more bungalows, surely thats what affordable has to mean?
The problem with 'affordable' homes is that developers don't want to build them because they don't earn enough from them, and those who buy them want them to instantly turn into unaffordable homes so that they can make a profit from their property like everyone else on the greasy pole. The sooner we go back to just living in the flipping things the better.

Given the rumblings in the Localism Bill we won't have to worry to much about archaeology and planning... as there won't be a need for any.