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Full Version: Clothes and Roman(ised) children
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I have to prepare some worksheets for a Roman-themed school trip, aimed at 11-12 year olds. One of the teachers is very keen to tackle this from an arts perspective and so I said I can up some sheets for colouring.

No mysteries when it comes to adult male and female clothing but I wanted to try and get the kids to empathise with Roman kids and/or provincial kids. Can anyone advise whether kids would have just worn scaled down versions of adult clothing? I appreciate that money, class,location and season/weather conditions would influence the choice of clothes - but in general, can anyone here pass comment?

Certainly, I have seen youngsters from high status families (based on grave goods) buried with really fancy,high-end jewelery but of course, fibula and the like can only tell us so much. Any ideas? What about those with no or few surviving gravegoods...what were they wearing in life?

Looking at statuary, paintings and so on - admittedly all from Rome/Italy/Pompeii etc - children wore scaled down adult clothes. I think it's a pretty general rule. We think children's clothes are specially for them but they generally follow adult trends.
Quote:Children in Ancient Rome wore a simple tunic made of linen or wool that reached down to their knees.

A boys tunic would be white with a crimson edge running all around it.

When a Roman boy became a man at 16 years of age he was entitled to wear a plain white tunic or toga like all the other Ancient Roman Citizens.

Girls in Ancient Rome would have worn a simple tunic belted at the waist.

An over tunic that reached down to the ground would be worn when the girl appeared in public.

So don't forget that a girls outfit is a bit different from an adult Stola.
and have you got this book

pps... depending on where you are in teh empire will change your clothes too.

So.. this is more like a Romano British kid.
Thanks guys, thats a real help. I cannot afford the book this month (We have the Lent Strong Beer festival - for kick off the basic brew is about 7.45abv.... and life is all about priorities Wink) but will certainly look at it in the future.

Looking forward to this little get so into it.

Thanks again,