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Full Version: Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH).
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Representatives from more than 40 organisations, ranging from The National Trust, The Church of England, Crime Stoppers and the Ministry of Defence to National Parks, The Woodland Trust and The Historic Houses Association have come together to set up the Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH).

Chief Inspector Mark Harrison

Policing Advisor - Heritage Crime Initiative

A new initiative, and one that could help if supported. I met Mark at a conference back last year and wholeheartedly agree with the principals of the initiative. And yes it is more than just nighthawking! See below


Damage to an information panel at Houghton House
I remember my first visit to the rollright stones, not too long afterward they were subject to vandalism. I was so angry. A man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage to the 3,500-year-old Rollright Stones, which were vandalised with yellow paint. The attack on the ancient stones caused ?50,000 worth of damage.

I wholeheartedly support ARCH.

Great to see
Supported by all who come to BAJR I would hope...
I dont like display panels, also the national trust (on grounds of mortmain),...also eh (they are supposed to be the statutory advisors to the government but seem to be landowners and wardens), anything that uses the word heritage (they normaly use the word: our), obviously the old bills are alright.-I wholeheartedly support ARCH-they look like they are self supporting, are they asking for special community snitches?

The profile and accountability of heritage crimes among police officers will also increase. For the first time, there is a national lead in ACPO on heritage crimes, Chief Constable Richard Crompton of Lincolnshire Police, with a dedicated portfolio holder in many police forces across the country.

is the lead that it is the chief Constable?
Anyone know where the Anglian cemetery at Catterick that's being plundered is at? (the finds were brazenly advertised for sale on the net, mostly helpfully labelled 'Catterick, North Yorkshire') - whole grave assemblages being taken judging by all the beads etc which are hardly likely to be stray metal-detector finds is this allowed to go on????? Sad!

(oh, this particular one has already been passed on to EH/police a while back)
String the felons up........that'll teach 'em !!
I like the organisation name.............sounds a bit like the rebel alliance.

More organisations should have names like 'the..........defence league' or 'the............force' or how about 'the archaeological avengers'

But avoid the spandex costumes
Unless you look like Emma Peel........................... (ask your parents about it!)
Believe me, I've seen him in his spandex, not a good idea :0
Compulsary spandex for under 40s sack cloth and ashes for the over 40s. (sorry feeling my age today and in deep cynic mode)
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