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Full Version: The Roman Ninth Legion's mysterious loss
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For anyone interested in pop archaeology


Rome's Lost Legion is on the History Channel on Thursday 17 March at 2200 GMT
My highly intelligent and well thought out response to this is...

What a load of b*****ks...:face-stir: that the creaking of a band wagon I can hear???
Strangely co-incidental with the release of some film on 25th March
What? this film Smile


They'll be down the back of the sofa along with everything else that is lost. Look there and it's job done.
Gawd help us all! Next it'll be the story of how the Romans built Stonehenge....or was that Space Aliens?.....
BAJR Wrote:What? this film Smile

Made me want to put on my Roman fancy dress and run around the garden...or was that too much info? *lol*
Yes, BAJR... that would be the one!

And WAY too much information moreno! :0
Interested peeps may wish to peruse this...
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