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Full Version: Launch of MetroMOLA
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Another uber-unit cutting into an already crowded market or a welcome addition to the contractor landscape that maight provide long-term stability and standards?

What do BAJRites think? :face-stir:
wow, had heard rumors of this, didn't realise it was being rolled out so soon. guess it explains the job adverts around new year/x-mas looking for peeps but not necessarily in London... now, where was that application address again :face-thinks:

yet another new entry (December 2010) on the charity commission web pages for the class 2 ex3mpty charity thing and they are these people

but will any of them have to show their expenses- no because they are a charity thingy class II somehow formed out of this -mostly the last will and testaments of a hoildaying poet and a salt of the earth coal miner

is it a bird (duck) no it’s a metromola and this is what they do with your charity monies before you have even heard that they are trying tio change their spots again by imagining that birminghan, portsmouth and the rest of the world is the surrounds of Greater London


Congratulations to our champagne winners
16 February 2011

MetroMOLA would like to congratulate the 11 winners in our New Year's draw, who each received a magnum of champagne. Thank you to everyone for taking part. We look forward to working with you over the coming months.

The winners, who have been contacted directly, represent the following organisations:

•English Heritage
•Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd
•Kent County Council
•Montagu Evans LLP
•Ove Arup and Partners
•Southend Borough Council
•Thames Water
•Transport for London
•Turner & Townsend Project Management Ltd
•URS Scott Wilson

Corr- was this a Skill competition or a free prize draw. How do you go about having one of those and putting it through the books? was anybody else in the draw?

Found this

Do the above mentioned companies/english heritage enter these compertitions (do they have departments who enter compertions) but I want to know who drinks the Champagne presumably if you tried to share the bottle amongst the employees of those companies you would be talking eyes of needles.
@diggingthedirt - indeed you are winning. That was so good the first time I saw it, I didn't know if it was just a send up or based on reality. Very little resemblence to the mud monkeys I know though. I laughed alot!
I have been passing this one about... as one hairy arsed digger said ... "That Digging the Dirt" he is proper class and no mistake.

Loved the tool store reference - you bad dirt Wink
All in preparation for the 1st October 2011 divorce from the Museum of London, I expect.The MoL Act will not apply to them after that date.
sorry madone I have been on the naughty step for the last few months what supposed to happen on 1st October 2011?
I am not party to the deets, but I understand that the MoL bosses wants to off-load the archaeological unit because of the high risk (financial-wise) nature of its work. I don't know if this is decided yet or not, but setting up a subisidiary like this and then transferring staff and assets (after 6 month TUPE period) into the subsidiary is a common way of winding up a parent company.
@ Digging the Dirt- A man behind the times, I need to update my mancabulary! Too funny!!!
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