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Full Version: TUC March for the Alternative -Jobs, Growth Justice. London March 26th
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gwyl Wrote:also for the 26th
take a walk around and if your phone is up to it use it
and report while you're out and about
it's only as good as its users
Sukey will also be providing information from the Met which could be either useful or downright dangerous depending.
There are quite a few of us planning to meet up at or about 11.30am on Saturday on Embankment near the Temple Tube station. Even if you are not a Prospect member you can slip into the march there, if you can bear walking the streets of Westminster along with a bunch of archaeologists.....everyone welcome.... and we will be drinking later in the day. Not sure where yet, but ring me on 0798 604 1443 and I will let you know. (Guaranteed it wont be a pub showing the Wales England match.....)
Good luck to you all, and I will be following this with UNITEs facebook page.

This is the important march for real alternatives.
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