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Full Version: Child?s footprints found beside a Roman Fort
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The excavation of a Roman fort at Healam Bridge and the attached industrial zone produced some remarkable discoveries, including the footprints of a child playing alongside the road that led into the fortress.


One that some forum members might remember?

Anyway... had a nice chat with Helen Mclean and the result...

A good site well dug! and now well reported in PH :face-kiss:

BAJR Wrote:[url=][/url]

One that some forum members might remember?

Hell's yes. Very glad they didn't turn out to be someones knee prints as was threatened Smile
Ah, yes. The long awaited evidence that Romano-British children had feet. Big Grin Nice article though, skips past the feet and onto the interesting stuff swiftly.
Just proves playing on the road is not a new thing. I was caught jumping out in front of traffic to see how fast vehicles could stop...perhaps it is the same thing?Wink
I was there, working on that site! Emily Eastwood spotted the footprints, as we were stripping back the deposits. She is a credit to any site she works on (employers take note!), and eagle eyed to boot! :face-approve:
Kajemby Wrote:she is a credit to any site she works on (employers take note!), and eagle eyed to boot!

trying to spot the sarcasm....know its in there somewhere :face-thinks: anyone would think 'she'd' just been given her notice and was in need of references.... oh.wait. Rolleyes
Ouch... its as if "she" actually has been given her notice!
:I that came across as slightly more bitter than intended. its been almost a year now since ive worked with/for? kajemby... notice is from unrelated company, and due to general slow down of work... i'm not crap! honest!
lacrimosa Wrote::... i'm not crap! honest!

*LOL* she's not! She's a good'n Wink
So I heard... is able to find footprints allegedlyWink (look like DM prints to me :face-stir: )
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