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Full Version: Get voting for Digging The Dirt!
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Now, not that I am bias or anything... but when I saw this... I thought... lets mobilise some voting power.!

Oh yes...diggingthedirt - who describes his writing style as "an infinite amount of monkeys bashing an infinite amount of typewriters that occasionally spew-forth sporadic posts " has been nominated for an archaeology award!

?When the Celtic Tiger Roared,? the first installment in a four-part Celtic Tiger serial recently published in Current Archaeology, has been nominated for ?Rescue Dig of the Year.?


The article featured a multi-period wetland excavation on the N25 Waterford Bypass, drawing on the differences between British and Irish archaeology.

Check out the article here:
Check out the nominations her:

and VOTE for digging!

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Go to the bottom of the page and there you can vote on all the award categories.
Thanks for the plug BAJR! Extra rations of peanuts for me and the monkeys tonight! :o)

Thanks also in advance for everyone who votes ?Celtic Tiger?.

I?ll get the rounds in if you make it to the ceremony at the British Museum. At least until the free bar runs dry.
I'll be there... anyone else coming.
Is it a free party? Haven't been to the Smoke for a while...

Just trying to keep myself in the news. It's that shallow. And also, before I forget: vote for me!
What... you mean go here:

and VOTE for digging!

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