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Full Version: DF guide to cold weather working
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It seems that the winter is set to be harsh and long, which as we know is particularly hard for people working outdoors.

The Diggers' Forum have produced a guide to Cold Weather Working- available on our bit of the IfA website...

Big thanks to Chiz for producing it- hope it helps!
Excellent work...!

Thank you for sharing.. Will people please download this and ensure you act on it.
No mention of being shot-blasted by horizontal hail coming straight in off the North Sea (todays's little bit of fun), but good, all common sense, can add my endorsement :face-approve:

Would suggest that LOTS and LOTS of gloves are essential though (possibly stored in sealed poly bags), keep changing to dry ones as soon as your hands start to feel cold, it's too late once they've gone numb! Ten pairs of ?1.99 supermarket-level thinsulate ones are far better than ?20 ski-gloves, once those are wet they're wet and you're stuffed....
Well done Chiz.....

I think working in extreme cold weather is possible (I am currently on site in southern Norway for example, average temperature this week has been - 8C), but would say that for the most part the quality (and therefore the price!!) of suitable clothing is an important factor. This current project has a specific 'cold weather' clothing budget to allow the 3 of us working there to purchase any items we lack in our day-to-day PPE.


In this photo I am wearing: one saftey hat inner liner, one snood, one scarf, one vest, 2 shirts, one fleece, one coat, under trousers, outer ski-pants, one pair long johns, 2 pairs of socks and fur lined safety boots. In my pocket I have inner and outer gloves....which I have removed for the purpose of pushing Leica datalogger buttons....probably around about ?500 of cold weather PPE. But of course I get to wear it more frequently than most UK based diggers.
Suspect most of my crew were wearing more layers than that this morning, but that was in a howling gale/horizontal rain/hail/snow at +1C, it's wet/wind that's the killer in Britain, we had one day last week when it only got up to -6C but was quite pleasant in the sunshine apart from the rather hard ground, hence the fixation with dry gloves
The article is from the forthcoming issue of the revamped Diggers' Forum newsletter, we just thought it appropriate to rush it out early since the weather had been a bit wintry. Judging from today it looks like that weather is back again...

Kevin, you always did have the best kit! if a bit garish...we'll be looking in depth at PPE in a future issue.

The Diggers Forum.

More than any time, it is relevant to all fieldworkers. Support... Support Support.

They are showing that they don't just talk... they do.

Quote:one snood

Ever the fashionista Kevin! Big Grin
Like it Kevin!

The article is aimed firstly at DF members and those who are working outdoors, but it may also be worth printing it out and making sure it is seen by your Chiz says, we're not on the retreat from Moscow!
went out today without my Union Suit on... AAAAAArg dropped a couple of clangers s the Brass Monkey would say
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