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Full Version: An opportunity for expansionist units
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Oxbeast Wrote:"Although not a truly essential service..."

You are Unitof1 and I claim my ?5:face-smart:

Can't be; surely the insufficiently creative use of keys on keyboard militates against such a deduction

I?d have to take issue with every one of your assertions here.

My local county field unit certainly was bigger earlier this year than it was in ?97 (about twice the size actually), and the HER and curatorial sections are bigger too, with the addition of assistants, agri-environmental archaeologists and the like. Doesn?t seem like much a contraction going on there, though to be fair some of the curatorial people are paid through funding from various bodies and not directly from local government. A similar picture from neighbouring counties too I?m afraid, with one perhaps the same size as they were 13 years ago.

I would suggest that, for the most part, any contraction of council field units prior to May was as a result of the recession, and not any lack of government expenditure. I also suspect that such reductions since the recession has possibly been ameliorated by making up project-money shortfalls here and there with public money.

Yes, I?d agree that the general onus in the profession has been one of a drift towards the operation of more private sector companies. A good thing. Just a shame there are still so many anachronistic council-subsidised field units out there.

?garbage about invented posts that happen to have 'co-ordinator' tacked on the end of the job-title? ? errr, where have you been since ?97?

For the record I?m not a supporter of government intervention and selective support in the private sector. Private companies should survive on their own merits. Government intervention was necessary for the banking industry to avert disaster, but that should be, and is, the rare occasion when government has to step in to avert a calamity.

Daily Mail? ? nah, lefty rag ;-)

oh M, Sad"Government intervention was necessary for the banking industry to avert disaster, but that should be, and is, the rare occasion when government has to step in to avert a calamity."

except of course the 1970's......and now (again) the banks/private super-rich will take all of the profit and none of the pain...this is the private sector you endorse Milton.

[so government does step in for the benefit of society after all, (phew) in the interests of culture, education and heritage perhaps?, or perhaps Trident, Iraq, and Afghanistan ?]

you can wake up now... - the British People have been taken hostage, and made to pay their own ransom - (, which puts it very nicely). (for those really want to research)
or even , (for Radicals)
though this remains the best,

Meanwhile, private companies evade taxes, run down their employees, and generally do their best to satisfy Greed.( Also they mostly over-produce ridiculous shite we do not need.)

Will you tell me next that we can spend ourselves into prosperity? :face-approve:..... (whose prosperity i wonder) Sad

why not make libraries private? or private profit-making shelters of the homeless? franchised courts anybody? .... actually we dont need '"non-essential" government in our lives, lets cut the museums, galleries, theatres and orchestras too !

Anyway Milton, you seemed to make a case for Curators in Local Government,... even though (in PrivateLand) their data-handling could be contracted out, their consultation services hired, and their legal positions kept by, er,...interesting

- but why not the Technical Experts who deal directly with the materials? The temporal contamination clean-up teams? The archaeologists who are working for the community, on community heritage, and ultimately answerable to public scrutiny?

Is there some profound reason to keep the Head, but loose the Arms?

Or is it just that it is cheaper in the short term?

Councils are being forced by central government to chop off their own legs - and then made to run in a sick race for Efficiency (while bankers place their bets...)

this began well in advance of The UK Cuts, as councils were forced submit detailed proposals for self-mutilation ("not my idea" says CamerClegg, "look, the councils wrote it themselves")

This disturbing future for UK Austerity in 2011, is being Engineered by disturbing minds with outlooks not dissimilar to yours Milton...(including some within councils)

you will all be shown to be wrong. The market is not the solution (nor was it ever). Public Services cuts achieve nothing but damage for the country, and needlessly waste previous investments. (you know, Real ones? consisting of stuff and people, not the made-up ones banks and bond-hawkers tout)

This must surely by a good year for you and your comrades M B)...non?
(OBTW, ? - , or is it.....)
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