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Full Version: An opportunity for expansionist units
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I said a lot of it, not all of it.

You defensive for a reason Dino?:face-stir:
Doesn't worry me, don't do management. Just as long as those who do are good at it and keep getting us those ?million 18 month jobs :face-approve:

Just a bit concerned by the slight naievity exhibited over the months/years in these pages by some diggers as to the complexities of where/how that money arrives in their bank accounts/pay packets (does anyone still use those?), surely people claiming to be professional archaeologists should have at least a modicum of understanding of the nuts and bolts.... :face-stir:
Dino has a point (steady on - Madweasels, I hear you say - hey, it is a new decade after all)!!

I know from talking to pals in the Museum of London's unit that those in the know reckon that cash flow is going to be a serious problem. They have the Museum and the Corporation of London acting as its bankers (not free, I believe but still cheap and forever present) - but if they have to go it alone (not their choice to leave the safety of the museum, they tell me) they might well lose that cheap 'credit' option. Dino's real world might hit some of those, who have not acknowledged this institutional support as a very valuable asset, very hard indeed.

No doubt any new business plan will take this into account but it will be a huge culture shock for those who have been lax in getting their invoices out and money in.
Madweasels Wrote:...for those who have been lax in getting their invoices out and money in.

...or who haven't budgetted for the 2.5% rise in VAT.

Amazing how much 2.5% can be!
People don't really understand much... Smile VAT at 20%... why does my charge out equal more than I get paid.?.. what is a portacabin? we pay how much? etc... I was talking to a person I know in govt recently ( scottish.. don't worry!) They said... Archaeologists can be good at being good at being archaeologists, but good god they have no idea of business. - they went so far as to say.... they think they do, but look like kids dressed up in their dad's suit. ouch! harsh... but um....

We wobble about pretending to be grown ups... but 1 million ? jobs should be 5 million... 60 quid a day pay packets should be 120 ...

I would love to believe that we can change... but sometimes wonder.... what do we want to be? You can't be both as they say...

I always imagine an archaeological company in front of the Dragons Den...

you can imagine the result.! and it starts with... "listen... I like you, and I always wanted to be an archaeologist... BUT......"
BAJR Wrote:You can't be both as they say...

If I can get a "proper" job I'll prove to you that we can be}Smile:face-stir:

What I don't need is someone telling me I have to be in the company 15 years before I am "qualified" to use my very expensively trained and qualified business brain!
Good reminder about the VAT rise, need to fuel-up the 4WD for work on Tuesday (3-figure sum - ouch!) :face-approve:
DLS, is that the business brain that can't tell the difference between a 2.5% rise in VAT and a rise of 2.5 percentage points?:face-stir:. By the way, the Treasury model predicts that for average digger it will be a cost of ?200 a year from VAT rise alone.

And Dino, you've already missed the fuel duty increase Sad
Commercial units and local authority units (LAUs) always complain about Charitable Trusts because of the tax breaks, Commercial units and Trusts complain about the LAUs having an unfair advantage due to cash flow issues (as backed by councils), LAUs (and some Trusts) complain that they have higher pension burdens than commercial units.

Everyone thinks the others have a better deal!
Yeah, fuel duty was a b***er, they only mentioned that on my local radio station after it was too late :face-crying:

- good news is that it all just goes on my next expenses claim Smile
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