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Full Version: Historic Scottish battlefields to be protected
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After several years of consultation, Historic Scotland has issued an initial list of 17 of the most important battle sites located around Scotland.

This first phase of the Inventory of Historic Battlefields contains a total of 17 different battlefields across the country in the Borders, East Lothian, North Lanarkshire, Stirling, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.

The Inventory is designed to help local planning authorities and other public bodies who will have to take the battlefields into account if they make any decisions about the landscape that might affect them. The aim is to manage change within battlefields in a sustainable way, taking their historical and archaeological significance into account, and to realise the positive contributions that battlefields can make to our environment....

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Will this include Hampden Park?Smile
Bada boom!

Or the whole of the west coast Wink
Why would Scotland want to protect its battlefields?

Didn't you get an English spanking on 99% of them?

Ah.... if only you had been allowed to stay on past primary school Wink you would know the truth .. in typical SCottish style we would whoop your asses up to the last battle.. Smile plus we were quite good at kicking seven bells out of each other.. until we realised the best thing to do was create the British Empire, run it and put the blame on the English. :face-stir::face-stir: seemed to work... :face-approve:
It's alright - I'm Welsh - we lost on 100% of ours! :face-crying:
Oh, so the Scots made the British Empire then, eh? Well who won the Battle of Waterloo? (oh, hang on - Wellington was Irish and the army was an allied one with loads of Dutch, Hanoverians, Scots, Welsh and a few English - plus a late Prussian substitution on the left wing). Well, what about the great wartime leader Churchill then (oh hang on again, he was half American and now 100% insurance dog). I will get back to you - I will have to consult my history books again. I am sure we English did something, sometime...
That shows you how cunning we were Smile

Read this:
The Scottish Empire [Paperback]

Michael Fry (Author)

This work charts the involvement of the Scots in the British Empire from its earliest days to the end of the 20th century. It is a tale of dramatic extremes and craggy characters, of a variety of concerns, from education, evangelism and philanthropy to spying, swindles and drug running. It sets stories of Scottish regiments on the rampage, of cannibalism and of atrocities beside the deeds of heroic pioneers such as David Livingstone and Mary Slessor. It tells of little known incidents of famous men - such as William Gladstone's punch-up with a Greek bishop and of the Earl of Elgin's burning of the Summer Palace in Peking. But above all, this work tells of how the British Empire came to be dominated by and run by Scots and of how it truly became "The Scottish Empire".
But James VI only moved to London to be nearer the offloading of baccy and spuds, to catch a few plays, and to hang out with young men - allegedly; so really was it EVER an English Empire, one must ask oneself, or more one Scot goes to the bright lights of London for all the fun of the 17thC
Never mind all this empire stuff, you can't deny you're cr@p at football!
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