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Full Version: double trouble
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hi there.

I have 2 questions. Firstly, i'm orf to Rome in a week or so for a holiday and wondered if anyone can suggest anything to see off of the tourist trail (Colusseum, Pantheon, Forums etc are already a must) ... i never did pay attention to the classical lectures!

and secondly. does anyone have any experience of archaeology in Portugal? on a recent trip out there my t'other half and I rather stumbled across Conimbriga, a beautifully preserved Roman town, with some of the best mosaics I personally have ever seen in situ! turns out I know very little about Portuguese history other than the great travels of its navigators and peninsular war stuff. I have heard tell of the IPA (institute of portuguese archaeology) but wondered if they were particularly active? We plan to go back again soon (as some friends have a handy, -read free- house out there) and i'd love to talk to someone more about the history of Central Portugal.

Thanks in advance Smile