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Full Version: Vacancies on Bulgarian research dig.
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Interesting opportunity for people next summer... if you want to break out of the UK grind, this is a good way to start... It was this sort of project that kept me going... no real pay, but a good way to spend the summer.

Anyway... up to you lot!

Many of you may know colleagues who have worked with me in Bulgaria before (the city of Nicopolis, then the fortress at Dichin). Last summer we commenced excavations on the site of a well-preserved late Roman fortress (Dobri Dyal). We shall continue with our second season this summer.

The team will include 60-65 people, including 45 university archaeology students. Vacancies still exist for 8 professional, experienced field-officers, a ceramicist (to assist the chief ceramicist, Jane Timby), and a small-finds officer.

(The positions of bioarchaeologist, zooarchaeologist and electronic data manager have already been filled).

ALL expenses (including travel, good accommodation and food) will be paid for by the project. For background to the excavations in Bulgaria see The field season is 5 weeks from c10th July ? 15th August.

Those interested should get in contact with me by email