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Full Version: Has anyone ever found one of these?
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You're fishing Vulpes....!!
Theory tested

WE have a ball of various sizes, though sometimes its not a ball, and sometimes its hollow, er and sometimes its solid... it is made of shell, metal and minerals.. er... and um.. is found in later burials.

my best guess is waistcoat bottons... but please please put us out of our bafflement
I didn't know fish had balls :p
Undrilled beads? Particularly neat fossils? }Smile
If they are what I think they are-then yes. If not-then no.
I know what they, it's gone! Blast!
Got a jar of them here...oh, no, they're aniseed balls, sorry....:o)
Sorry, sorry, asked an archaeology-related question, my fault, I'll take it somewhere else.
Aw... come on JSA... to be fair you asked a rather vague question and did not give much away an artefact that was sometimes shell sometimes metal sometimes mineral and of various sizes and sometimes hollow and sometimes not... etc Smile

we did try to give a few suggestions, but with what we had to go on it was tricky! So go on.... what is the answer.
And the answer is?????
I was initially thinking along Davids line or rosary components. Apart from coffin furniture they are about the only items that I have come across in late burials (and I've ex. a few!).
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