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Full Version: Sensible Archaeology?
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I must admit to being rather particular about sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. It can be very distracting from the content of a report, article etc. Does make you broadly wonder about who is defining "quality".
apparently they will simultaneously be houses, feasting halls, long barrows, open air enclosures, cursus, symbols of something that happened in Poland and not exist!
some definitions of quality err toward the personal tics; which is not to say that we shouldn't have good sentence structure, but i would also throw in that the tradition of sentences comprised of clauses and sub-clauses has a long and honourable history finding its origins in Latin, if not ancient Greek, or earlier - and indeed deader - languages; was it not Cicero who described going through the rooms of a house presenting his argument; perhaps some authors have merely gone to one of those architects who run out the plans then on the day or two before breaking ground phone you up to enquire whether you're available for a watching brief, which is part of their planning, but which they managed to overlook in the rush to get the job done on time for the client and could you be there ASAP, or perhaps the house plans which these authors are following are more circumlocative and attempt to describe and interpret hermeneutically, acknowledging explicitally their own input in their output; which is not to say that they all do, but merely to defend their right to do so...
Alluding to a famous edit or not to edit, that is the question. Personal tics and ancient languages may be apropoe but I would be inclined to think the local planning archaeoloigst, museum services in some regions (Hampshire comes to mind) would see it as an opportunity to enrich "your" inbox with words of encouragement, long and flowery sentences indicating the need to EDIT Smile I lean towards brevity. Would I edit without remuneration, and on my own time? Yes.
I managed to get 'frustum' past the management in a report last week :face-approve:
[a truncated cone or pyramid where the plane of truncation is parallel to the base, just to save you reaching for the OED - anyone know what it's called when the plane of truncation isn't....?]

Clauses and sub-clauses really shouldn't be attempted by those who haven't figured out the correct use of the humble comma yet? :face-stir:

The unneccessary use of Latin impresses no one.....

Isn't it time for a mass-lobby of Time Team to have the word 'linear' banned unless followed by some sort of noun, they were doing it again on Sunday - oh, and 'high status' and 'further' are both starting to grate just a little, it's 'another pit', not a 'further pit'....Sad!
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