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Archaeologists Against the Cuts
from Archaeologists for Global Justice

Every section of British society will be hit by the Con-Dem Government?s planned
austerity package. Archaeology, museums, and heritage generally will be hit
directly by public spending cuts and indirectly by the economic slump that the
spending cuts will feed.

Cuts in our sector ? cuts in research, education, and heritage ? will be as
damaging to the economy as any, with both short-term and long-term
consequences, as well as undermining the quality of life for huge numbers of
ordinary people.

Most of the Con-Dem Government are millionaires. Having bailed out the bankers
using our money, they now plan to shore up the City, big business, and the rich
at the expense of ordinary working people, who face the biggest cuts in
services and living standards since the 1930s.

The Coalition of Resistance, headed by veteran Labour politician Tony Benn and
newly-elected Green MP Caroline Lucas, is calling for a massive national
campaign of protests and strikes to fight the cuts. We want to involve every
section of society in active resistance.

We are fighting for a sane alternative. If they want to cut, let them cut
executive salaries, bank bonuses, and corporate profit. But what we really need
is public spending to create jobs, stimulate growth, and begin the transition
to a green economy.

Scientists, artists, and actors are already getting organised. We would like to
create a network to involve archaeologists and others in the heritage sector in
the fight against the cuts. If you would be interested in helping to make this
happen, contact *Neil Faulkner <>*.

To join the Coalition of Resistance, to sign the Statement of Resistance, to
register for the CoR National Conference (27 November 2010), and to find more
information, go to

And join the London demonstration on 20 October, the day Con-Dem Chancellor
George Osborne announces the cuts, assembling to march from Lincoln?s Inn
Fields at 5.00pm, rally in Whitehall outside Downing Street from 6.00pm.

Neil Faulkner
Umberto Albarella
Brian Hole
September 2010
More likely the government will scrap some planning requirements and smaller developments won't be called.
Suggesting that archaeologists go on strike is a very noble idea, but it's not really like anyone would notice the difference!
They wouldn't go on strike anyway. It's easier to put up with rubbish pay and no job security than have the bottle to do something about it. :face-stir:
HEY ! whats new..................cuts cuts cuts it ain't gonna the old saying goes........doesn't matter who you vote for...the government always wins ..... campaigns like this are very worthy but nowt will make any difference, as for archs goin on strike ..... who would notice ! (employers thats who ... then ' contracts' would be terminated due to 'no work available' come on guys you know the real issues and surely better to concentrate on them .
I don’t think we are necessarily talking about strikes here. I don’t know about the Coalition of Resistance, but certainly union thinking is about constructing consensus, how to “[url=
Brilliant post Billy ---

I do have much to say on this... but will have to rush just now... ... I'll be back!


housebuilding activity has slumped for the first time in more than a year, orders for building firms fell in September for the fourth straight month and “a sharp fall in confidence suggests work in the pipeline may not be so strong”[/URL].

housebuilding has slumped for YEARS !!!!! and is archaeology a humanity or a science ???:face-stir:
When it comes to university funding archaeology is, apart from a few specialist exceptions, quite definitely a humanity. I would add that I suspect those specialist areas applying to the science councils will also find themselves severely squeezed when even huge projects such as Isis face cuts.

House building may have been already at a historic low, but when it falls to the lowest level since 1923 it suggests that this is something different to the norm.

I know that houses are only one component of commercial archaeology, but as an indicator of business confidence in the wider construction industry? Well, it doesn't exactly look great.
Excuse my ignorance, but i'm not sure i totally understand what Archaeologists for Global Justice want - other than a non-Conservative, Lib-Dem government!

At least one of their own principles seems to cut a large sector of work:

6.We are concerned about the impact of the human race on our planet and will not collaborate with development plans which are not based upon principles of sustainability or which have the potential to cause major damage to the environment;

No more road schemes then!

It can't but help think that this is all a very nice idea, but we aren't a crime fighting force. It's all a bit wishy washy and free love-esque. What is wrong with professionalism partly based on commercialism? WE are trying to be taken seriously in a commercial world lets not forget. I'm not suggesting that money should take the place of a job done properly, but there does to me still seem to be a large sector of archaeology that is still highly pretentious and thinks we're doing something amazing and should be applauded on this fact alone. It isn't even necessary to have a degree to be a commercial digger, to be an academic most definitely, but much of archaeology is a step-by-step process that could be done by a trained monkey.

Public spending is needed, but people can't magic money out of their arses for construction. If it's not there to be spent then it's kinda tough! There's more p*ss*d off parents at the moment than there are p*ss*d off archaeologists and i'm damn sure they're shouting louder. I just don't think this is at all realistic but then I am a glass half empty kinda person.

If you always expect the worse you're very rarely disappointed.

If any of the above doesn't make sense then blame the time and the fact that i'm slightly annoyed after hearing this time and time again. If we all really cared we'd join the IFA or create a new body for ourselves and all stand up together. Surely we should be in alliance with construction unions not artists and actors! If all the actors get fired they can replace them with the Hollyoaks cast, if we all lose our jobs they'll probably just replace us with monkeys or dogs or a fantastical alliance of both!
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