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Full Version: Good books/articles on Industrial Archaeology
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R.A Buchanan Industrial Archaeology in Britain, while old is worth a read and can often be found in charity/second-hand book shops, as is K Hudson The Archaeology of Industry Shire also publish all sorts of small 30- pagers which are often not expensive and full of pictures as well as having been written by someone who is knowledgable
Post-med Arch is shortly to upload all the past issues to the ADS website and that will rovide a fund of handy and fun reading; in the meantime it is worth cruising Med Arch on the ADS website to get a feel for med industry as industrial archaeology often has a long hangover of earlier ways of doing, particulalrly when one is dealing with craft, local or non-heavy industry
And the books Kevin Wooldridge (amongst others) points out and indeed any local industrial guides; while breadth isn't depth, it does help recognise processes, structure-types and the kind of remains that one should be looking out for - for example, early smithies aren't necessarily going to have a load of slag around them, much will have been carted off for sale or for re-use elsewhere on site (but, clearly, not always Smile- that'd be too easy); at the same time if you think you have a smithy, sampling for hammerscale will tell you as much as the slags about certain operations
Also check out the various publications and regional guides of the Association for Industrial Archaeology
Dictionary of Industrial Archaeology is a very handy one. Neil Cossons BP book of Industrial Archaeology along with Bracegirdles Archaeology of the Industrial Revolution are a bit dated but provide a good background to the subject. David & Charles published a series of regional titles on the subject but again bit dated but nontheless good intros. All are available on amazon ebay etc reasonably priced. Another one which is mre recent is Stratton & Trinders Twentieth Century Industrial Archaeology - pricy though over ?40 but does turn up cheaply now and again try Oxbow books got mine there for ?13. Theres a whole range out there for individual industries etc. Be warned though anything to do with coal mining or railways tends to command a premium. What sort of site you going to be looking at? As you can tell I love the industrial sites Smile
RR Angerstein
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