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Full Version: Widget to show all your reports - from Open Archive
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Have implemented a tiny piece of code that takes all my reports and puts them anywhere I want... You could do the same... whether a local group, a community group or a small archaeological company... why not!

it is just two lines of code... !

All you have to do is of course put the reports up!

We are still tweaking the interface... too clunky at the moment, but it will soon be a joy to use and behold. so why not have a look... and consider signing up and trying it out? We are pushing into phase II of the system, and need some honest comment.. constructive please! You know you can!

So come on... get involved... say your piece... make a mark! Big Grin

For the full site
Site looks good, have passed it on :face-approve:
Looks good, although controls to scroll left and right through clicking rather than just mouse placement would be an improvement, especially if one has lots of reports
Good point...

and thank you Dino.

It is mainly designed to fill the local society 'gap' making a simple to use and simple to browse system of getting the good the bad and the ugly of projects not in teh commercial sphere up online... the idea is to pass this to the ADS ... however, the more reports it gets, the more use it becomes to us all, and may point the way for a similar system from the ADS... (unless they wanna contract Digital Past Wink )
Looks pretty well designed to me...easy to follow...I am sure you're aware of all the 'clunky' bits!

Should prove to be an excellent resource if everyone can be encouraged to contribute.

Is there any plan to link reports to a geographical reference on the mapping (which over runs its frame incase you weren't aware in zoom mode)?
yes... thats one of the big ones... I want to be able to select by location and radius