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Full Version: A curiousity
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Today I noticed the BAJR script in the Currently Active Users block that

There are currently 90 users online. 5 members and 85 guests

Most users ever online was 815, 13th May 2010 at 08:15 PM.

What happened at 8:14pm May 13th to bring 815 BAJRites to the fold? Where were you on the night in question? I am curious
I have an alibi... I was here... but damned if I know what happened... my only guess was a concerted spam attack that the security foiled :face-huh:
I bet it sure in hell wasn't a rave!
ah.. you missed the BAJR new years party... a terrible amount of fun and frolics in the virtual disco...
Something along these lines??

Video broke!
ok...this is really annoying me now...
Most of the "guests" are bots from search engines, so when you see 815 guests, that is actually when the bots are going into overload.
Did you ever work out exactly how many multiple avatars Jack was running?}Smile
yes.... and where you are all from, when you joined, who you joined with etc. and when you go home to a new computer as well I have a complicated backend (ooooer missus)

But yes... it will be bots..

Multiple identities are not allowed, as it is not good form.