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Full Version: 2005/6 recruitment campaign
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I really do feel that this could work Beery. Perhaps a number of planned events where internet cafes are swamped by archies? Brainstorming sessions nationwide where thousands of unheard voices finally have their say......Big Grin
I would be very happy about this.... Any poster content... send to me and I will produce a4 pdf posters... (hey I am an illustrator Big Grin)

I am more wary of a chatroom... however... organised events.. with an econference 'chatroom' I could cope with that...

Another day another WSI?
Blindin mr Hosty...poster makin we shall.....
am also dubious about chatrooms, unless very well organised. tend to only benefit those who can type the fastest...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Or in my case-with more than two fingers!Smile
Posters at the ready anyone?

Should the campaign be more about raising awareness of BAJR.. what it offers and what benefits organisations... whether Unis, Schools or Contractors.

Another day another WSI?
Forgive me for going ever so slighty OT but having only returned to this forum very recently I've noticed various mentions of the BAJR conference but have not tracked down the main details for it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

As for publicity, I'd be happy to stick up some posters at my uni, plus I'm currently trying to get a in-house forum, for post-grads, off the ground so I can also spamWink that with details..
still trying to get details sorted out, so posters should probably wait until date and venue is finalised, though we could get ones done calling for papers.

Raise awareness of BAJR certainly, sessions on benefits and guidance documents, but also the broader topics that have already been suggested on here. Promise I will try and find a spare hour or two to look further into venues. Will also have to try and think aboutwhat we are going to charge. Would love it to be free, but unless its going to take place in someone's living room...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Still waiting to hear about a prestige venue.. and associated accomodation for only ?15 a night... so would allow a good conference... a good pub session and then a good nights/morning sleep

Another day another WSI?
Sounds interesting.

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