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Full Version: Is there a bar in the site hut? Or can this be it?
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Hello! I have taken off my filthy boots at the site hut door and thought I would come and introduce myself...but there is no bar! Not even a brew room for a cup of tea and a biccie!!!

I may have been away from archaeology for a while but SURELY the Elf and Safety brigade haven't spoilt ALL the fun in my absence...PLEASE tell me we're still a sociable bunch...and have somewhere to have fun? Is that still allowed???}Smile
That'll be a no then...Sad}Smile
ah.... er... people seem to have got a bit serious.. still there are still a few of us who remember the halcyon days... though many would be loathe to admit it Wink

1) digging archaeology on every site... bliss
2) working hard and playing harder
3) being a digger was a mark of honour!

I'll raise a glass now!

oh.. and welcome! BIG welcomes...
There have been some fun random conversations so its not all senseable
You have restored my faith oh great BAJR Administrator and Drunky! Was beginning to think I was in a parallel universe.

So why has it got so serious in twenty years then??? No banter? No witty repartee and verbal fencing over the spoil bucket and handbrush??

I was trowelfodder and VERY proud of it...or is that the wrong thing to say!:face-approve:

And now I've lost my script changing wotsits so will look like everyone else...oh no I haven't - found it!!

Well, if anyone else sorts of saunters in to say hello, I have a nice bottle of dry white open here and some raspberries...
...but you may have point DL....I have even heard of a project where diggers and 'supervisors' had separate tea drinking areas..... it was suggested to me this was the separation of the corporate from the desperate...
...corporate from desperate...LOL. You mean there is a difference after all?}Smile

What?? seperate brew areas...was that why I couldn't find one on here?

I have to say I am shocked, nay, horrified that anyone who was hoping to run a "team" would even consider such a thing! We used to all have a break together to make sure the supervisors got everyone out of the team room on time LOL! And it made the poker school far more interesting when you could take money off the boss. I suppose that has changed too:o)
team photo from 1987 ... leedhams in york... looks like we were all desperate.. looking to the outside world


ah them were the days... though we may have made the supervisor drink tea in a separate area Wink only kidding Kurt
At lest your noses aren't squashed up against the glass...not sure where my team photos are...perhaps it is the subject of another thread...Where Are They Now?? To be fair most of my lot seem to be still where I left them in 1988...which is comforting and worrying at the same time!

If we're going to get all reminiscent I may need another beer to cry into...
Shouldn't there be a dress code? All male archaeologists must either dress like Aragorn, or in tweeds, and reflect that in their avatars. Port and cigars optional.