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Full Version: World Archaeology News - on Google Maps
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Select layers and then World Archaeology News

you will find a geo ref map with all the latest news from around the world that has archaeology involved...

Steve from Online Archaeology is one half of Digital Past. (and yes... I am the other half... though not as slick with the coding)

We are pushing boundaries here... its funny what you can do with information!

have a look and think what Digital Past could do with SMR data? or site data? ... :face-thinks:
That was an hour well spent, it has a lot of potential. It would be great to eventually add digital images of sites and finds with links to more information online. Great stuff.
its getting funding for it thats hard.... much as we love doing everything for free... we could do with a bung!

WE got the ideas... we need the sort of funding that gets given to others :face-angel::face-angel:

And I like your ideas... jsut wait to see what we can do!