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Full Version: Gov 2.0 Expo 2010: Jefferey Guin, "Advancing the Future of America's Heritage..."
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My friend and in some ways mentor Jeff Guin... talks at this expo

Now before you get all cynical on me... watch it... see how connecting can inspire and create networks that are more than just digital chatter... This is reality and enjoyment... this is new media and openess. no tricks... no fancy pants concepts other than usign that which is here and joining the dots. brilliant. :face-approve:

Good - strong networks allow cross platform promotional causes, and allow widespread condemnation of bad practice
Thought-provoking stuff! - and the Voices of the Past website is worth a look as well
Very much so. indeed the idea of connections is exactly how I came about them... while looking for stories for Past Horizons magazine, I found their video about Beneath the bricks..

anyway, this got me in touch with Jeff Guin who was the husband of one of the people organising it.... he liked the magazine and it turned out he ws using heritage and social media in his course... to teach presentation and reporting... we hooked up, and now share info, technology and basicly have fun... he even interviewed us from the USA to East Lothian via Skype...

THere is loads of stuff on the website... loads... and it really does engage in a way that goes beyond the flat format of many sites I am in awe to be honest!

try this load of podcasts...