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Full Version: Pirates vs Romans (long day)
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Austin Ainsworth Wrote:Exactly, one has to consider diversity and equality in all such matters. Btw Dirtyboy, did you write an equalities impact assessment before you arranged this fight between a bunch of professionally lead mercenaries and their community based multiple amputee opponents? :p
Well of course. Who wouldn't??

Hmm... my attachment doesn't seem to be working. I shall try it again.
Sparky Wrote:They certainly encountered pirates on a number of occasions...

Pirates easy...............

'give em a broadside lads!'
Dirty - thought you were enjoying a fortnight's mud-squeezing, so where's the mud? - or don't pirates do mud? }Smile

[your attachment still doesn't seem to be working, but am cheating, have seen your desk, everyone else will have to imagine..... :face-confused:]
ho hum... click the link and it will appear.. I'll look into the issue.. Sad
but I am going for the ROmans (sadly!)
The Triffids seem to have them all surrounded! :0
What about Pompeius Sextus? He was a Roman Pirate?
Dirty Boy Wrote:What about Pompeius Sextus? He was a Roman Pirate?

But he's dead, isn't he? Does that mean both sides lost?:o) Or did he have an accident with his own sword :0
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