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Full Version: Time for healthy marketing
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BAJR....BAJRFED....FAME....Past Horizons.....

It`s been said before but here goes....

Isn`t it high time that we were seeen on site/in the pub/at conferences/weddings/funerals wearing BAJR fashion/ties/hoodies/t-shirts/caps and stuff?

Car stickers....fridge magnets...bookmarks.....lingerie?

Its a high profile we need and theere are thousands of us out here that would gladly become mobile advertising boards if only we had the opportunity to buy some stuff!:face-smart::face-approve:
Pretty sure I can come up with something! Smile The way it works, it would be generating pennies... however... this could be used for the Eleanor Donaldson Fund for young archaeologists. But the main this would be pushing the message... !

What gear would be most appropriate?
Hoodies? Badges? Car Stickers just for starters?.Wink
Hoodies would be a huge hit as they are both work and civvie wear. Car stickers would work well as they are even more mobile than field workers and would probably appeal more to the office based archaeologists amongst us. Both would appeal to students in a big way who lets face it...would wear anything if it has the word "archaeology" on it! Getting the word out...getting the message across and putting some style on the workers.

I would buy the whole set! How about a BAJR toolbag? Hows about getting the web-adddreses plastered on tools?
In the unlikely event this never gets off the ground (sure it will), but you're keen to promote archaeology, there's some American website I stumbled across a couple of years ago with dozens of archaeology T-shirts, mugs, you name it - YES! even fridge magnets!!!!! Despite the source some of them were pretty amusing. Can't remember the name of the site but found it by googling something pretty simple like 'T-shirts archaeology'
P.S. Gravest aplogies to any Americans reading the previous, doesn't quite read like I meant - oops!
I certainly think it would be splendid to have BAJR merchandise. Think t-shirts would be perhaps one of the simpler things to achieve, but what about a BAJR badger cuddly toy?Wink
Say hello to BAJR Mod... another incarnation for moderation Smile Wink

T-shirts are great but will only really provide high visibility when the sun shines!Smile

Several people I know have Cafe Press shops. We're not archaeologists, but we'd be happy to buy/wear something from a BAJR shop. (Unless it is about ladders, of course)
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