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Full Version: Portable Antiquities Scheme's new website
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The Portable Antiquities Scheme's new website was soft launched at 11pm on the 24th March and brings with it a whole new range of features for analysing archaeological objects found by the public of England and Wales.


The new website now holds a substantial number of artefact details which can allow for critical analysis on a large scale.

Dan Petts has been building the site by himself on opensource technology ? php for the programming language and various packages that he found on the internet.

he site builds on the work that Tyler Bell?s team at Oxford ArchDigital created in 2003 until they were liquidated in 2006. After they ceased to exist, Dan decided to build the site himself! Funding for the site came in the way of a grant from the British Museum Research Board (?10,000) and this paid for 2 new servers. The rest of the site has cost the Scheme a salary and a two year flickr licence, and the lowest level of the getsatisfaction widget.

Over the next week Dan wil be opening up some of the amazing open-source mashups and links he used to create the site.

I have to tell you now, that using this website... and using the previous one... its like driving a Formula One after chugging along in a Morris Minor with one wheel missing.

Awesome new website... Make sure you bookmark it.

Fave piece just now... Zoomify Technology (remember it from ages back... has not changed...BUT... use it with artefacts and coins... Hey presto... brilliant Hi-Res images to view.


Spend some time using the hundreds of thousands of records. Learn, research and educate.

Now we really have something that makes best use of all these items recovered by detectorists and members of teh public.