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Full Version: Planning Policy Statement 5: Planning for the Historic Environment : ITS OUT
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You is awful... but I strangely like you!

There are a series of issues.. which we have discussed before (and yes BAJRites even added a consultation to this)

Taking the more pertinent sections... what do they mean!
Quote:[SIZE=3]As a minimum the relevant historic environment record should have been consulted.

that needs a consultant. Theres no mention in the pps of any type of a curator by the planing authority, or the ppg16 term "local government archaeology officer". is this the end of curators? Can anybody point us in the direction of a Validation "list".
Its web Offical: ppg16 no more, been archived, what ever that means:
Dont know what the changes are but they are going to spend pension money changing it

It does read like every planning application must have a DBA.
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