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Full Version: Oxford Buildings Week
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I'm considering doing Oxford University's buildings archaeology course

Before I commit to what is a considerable personal investment, I'd like to hear from anyone who has done the course, and also from employers who can give a perspective on how completion of the course is regarded, especially compared to a portfolio of work and self-learned skills. I already undertake occasional SBS projects for a unit, and so far am advised that this course would be well worthwhile.

All replies and feedback much appreciated.
Thought I would answer here, as well as the group page...

I know of only one person who did this... and thats all I will say. Wink

However, what it will give you is a qualification and a wadge of technical knowledge and fancy book learnin!

I still hold that the best way is to do it, with someone who is good. With my Adult LEarning Class, for teh 3rd term they wanted to learn about buildings arcaheology, so a full 3/8 ths of the time is spent in the field, with buildings, and actually putting the concept to work in a real time senario.

A soffit is what? what can it tell us, how does it relate to the other ones, lets explore the structure and analyse...

SO... it will do you in good stead... to do the course... its a good course , HOWEVER... you need to spend time with a master... I was lucky and learned from a few... and Tom Addyman and I even had a company together... and boy did I learn from him (and I hope visa versa) The course will help in employment opportunities, but only when backed up by proven talent. :face-approve: