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Full Version: Stop a moment... take a breath and sing out!
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# I love this song ( have even got the cat that is in the video! )
For me the lines that mean so much are these...
Quote:Oh throw me to the rats
Those scathing new age brats
The blinking eyes of alley cats
Watch me sink from where I sat

As crooked waving handmade guns
Rob us of our only sons
The fight worth leaving
turns & runs
As something better slowly comes

It won?t be long
Before they hear our song
Before we stretch out
wide & strong
And swallow up the here & gone

winner of the obscure 2010 Smile

you gotta love it though
runner up prize as well Wink
Can you spot the mirkins ?
isnt that a false 'lady beard', as it were...or something you keep beer confused....:o)....just worked out how the emoticons work....what japery....