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Full Version: Calling all archaeologists and enthusiasts working in Scotland.
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Calling all archaeologists and enthusiasts working in Scotland.

Yes it is that time again! The fab SAM 2010 is collecting events... do you have something you want to do in September... a walk, an investigation... an inspiration or open up a project to view... get along and register

Follow the link to get involved! :face-approve:
Sorry, do you mean to exclude archaeologists of other nationalitys working in Scotland? Or was that a genuine mistake? For better or worse I'm an English archaeologist wherever I work.
First its nationalism and then its septemberisum

Its a bit like the opposite of last year's CBA Festival of British Archaeology which forgot to include Scotland or tell anyone in Scotland it was happening.
Or is that every year....?
Sparky you is awful Wink

Vulpes... I used the term Scottish Archaeologists perhaps too loosely.. you will be an archaeologist who will have a project in SCotland, or more likely be living in SCotland and be able to open it up to the pubic, or lead a walk (in Scotland) or give a talk (in Scotland) If you (as an Englhman) wish to have an event in Scotland during this cracking month of heritage related events... then please do not feel excluded... I will even come along Wink
wouldn’t April be a much nicer month to hold it in
April showers... I prefer September gales.

Actually, September is a great month weather wise
i cant think of anything that happened in September were as April is crammed full of historic things to celebrate.
For the past couple of years April has more or less been the Scottish summer, however after having a proper winter again perhaps September will be more pleasant this year!
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