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Full Version: Changes to Planning Legislation and The Historic Environment - Rescue Comment
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Dear All,

Please see the Rescue website for our comments on suggestions that the government is preparing to rush through a second consultation on PPS15. We strongly encourage all members and others to voice serious concerns that such a key policy document is seemingly about to be rushed through, without recourse to appropriate consultation with the wider heritage sector

Quote:This document will almost certainly influence the direction and implementation of heritage protection for a considerable period of time. We believe that it is unacceptable for a potentially ill-considered or deficient version of the document should be rushed through into practice, without the necessary scrutiny by the relevant non-Governmental experts or the appropriate consultation with the wider Heritage sector, as was undertaken previously. We also believe that it is unacceptable for the appropriate Select Committee scrutiny to be waived, in order to accommodate the Government?s admission of an inadequate timetable for the process of implementing this policy properly.

Please see or

will look at this properly.

and hope BAJRites will as well.
Will definately have a look at that! It has to be said that the current shower of sh.....oops, government is likely to shove this through onto the statute books before the next election so action should be taken soonest methinks. May be worth involving the media on this one. Would also be worth identifying the lobbyists involved and the roles they have played. Perhaps consult a decent lawyer to see if the actions of the government on this issue have been lawful?