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Full Version: The Seven Ages of Britain
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:face-stir:Apparently, "The Roman invasion gave the British an identity..."

Quite apart from the fact that the series ignores at least 10,000 years of "British" heritage and jumps right in with the Sandal-wearing toga-merchants...... it is just crud. I`m only half-way through the first episode and already I`m pulling my eyebrows off. Will someone...ANYONE...please tell this reporter to go back to his real job.
Was a bit poop and er... took some er... liberties... er cough! Come back Francis Pryor!
Schama was only very slightly less shabby with his 'A History of Britain'. He had a maunder around a couple of Neolithic sites, showed some Snettisham gold but was very obviously desperate to get to 1066, which he did, in no short order. Best not bother. As for Francis Pryor - what, really? Bit too keen on the 'ritual' explanation for my tastes.
I got distracted from the content by the way he kept on jumping on mosaics or flipping through ancient books without gloves....
I was waiting for him to lick a fingertip before folding over a corner of the Jarrow bible.
(that should be in the out-takes!) Big Grin:face-approve:
BAJR Wrote:(that should be in the out-takes!) Big Grin:face-approve:

A good friend of mine is a conservator, I could hear the 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!' from several hundred miles away.
Completely agree with you all. What on earth is a program of this complexity doing in the hands of a journalist? Perhaps we should approach the BBC with a view to developing a series where random archaeologists indulge in deep and invasive interviews with members of parliament? Perhaps a few of us should apply to host Newsnight? I think we should build on this thread episode by miserable episode before forwarding the entire thread to the BBC. As an aside....the consultant for the series (Martin Carver) must be either furious or cringing?...........Looks very much as if the episode editors disregarded Martins opinions throughout......:face-stir:
I preferred the 2003 series of the same name. Bldy Normans didn't show up until the end of Episode 4. Much more sensible arrangement.
I *thought* the name sounded familiar..
Which had the decency to start with the Ice Age..

Worse, if this series is meant (as I understand it) to complement the radio 4 'History of the World' series, and therefore focuses on artefacts to tell its story, it's chopped off 500000+ years of those artefacts before it's even begun filming!
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