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Full Version: Reset your Password and rejoin the Forum
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To reset your password for this final version of the BAJR Federation Site: (PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST)

click this link

Quote:1) Enter your email address (the one that you normally used in the previous forum)
and answer the question - the correct answer is London... in case you didn't know Smile
Quote:2) You will get an email with a LINK (check your email) - click it.....
Quote:3) You will then receive another email (check your email) with a NEW RANDOM password.
Quote:4) Go to the site again and login with your USERNAME and PASSWORD (both of which are in the second email)
Quote:5) Now click SETTINGS up in the top right of the screen.. just next to Log In... and you can change the password to something you can remember
look under the < Edit Email & Password > in the left hand menubar
Quote:6) Enter your randomised password and then your new password (Note that passwords are case-sensitive.)
While you are in this section you can also add an avatar for your posts (I have collected hundreds for you to choose... but you can if you want upload your own - keep it small though!) And why not upload a profile picture - and perhaps some details about youself.. (all optional!) When you are posting your avatar will appear next to your message (just under it.. you can click change avatar here as well.. But it is good to have a visual clue about who you are, rather than hundreds of grey badgers!

Now the Site is yours to play with!