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Full Version: Archaeologist Chosen to Star in Psychological Thriller - The Stone
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Just had this sent to me from a friend. ... All I am saying is that Bonekickers ... watch out! Here is Stonekickers

:0:face-huh::p:face-angel: that's my verdict...

Archaeologist, Dennis Price, has landed the role of Professor of Archaeology in the new movie, The Stone, which also stars Chris Rankin (Percy Weasely from Harry Potter) and Tony Scannell (Ted Roach from The Bill).

Dennis recently launched his new book, The Missing Years of Jesus and the Director of the movie, Philip Gardiner, interviewed Dennis about his revelations. From there Philip eventually offered Dennis the role in the movie.

In another archaeologically related fact, Jasmine Bonning of is now the films specialist consultant.
The Directors reason for including Dennis and asking Jasmine to consult is because of the unusual plot of the film. It sees a group of archaeologists uncovering an ancient artifact, buried thousands of years before by British Druids. For this, the Director wanted the whole set to be historically accurate and for the proper tools of the trade to be used, such as Context Sheets and bags.

The movie is being filmed in Rendlesham, London and several other locations around the UK and will launch later in the year following the Festivals. People are being invited to join the fun at the website

magi@magimultimedia.comFor more on Dennis Price see: For more on Jasmine Bonning see:

For more on the film see:
For more on the Director see:
Well at least they're trying to be accurate with context sheets and bags.....

It can't be as bad as bonekickersRolleyes
YEs... they had bobblehats as PPE Smile
Amazing! I love that they need a real archaeologist to show them how to use a bag. haha!:face-approve:
Bags and context sheets doesn't always mean accurateCool
And why Rendlesham...there are already enough twerps living and wandering around Woodbridge to keep the world supplied in twerps for millenia to come. Why encourage more of them to descend on beuatiful Suffolk - this time chasing druids. Flippin' 'ell......
I still remember the great BAJR druid infestation of 2008! ... still gives me the willies! :o)
Whats wrong with willies?
Sparky Wrote:Bags and context sheets doesn't always mean accurateCool

How true that is, Sparky!

I've given the crew the information and materials they required, but as this is indeed a work of fiction, it's entirely up to the screenwriters/director how to use it. I'm pretty sure Bonekickers it won't be (thankfully!!). Guess you'll have to watch it to find out Wink
Could there be something worse than bonekickers... it is like hoping there is something better than death.. Wink can't be worse than that
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