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Full Version: Horrific accident when the statue of David is returned from US tour
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Yes... you heard it here first (well maybe third or forth, but at least less than 89th) Yes the famous statue of David by Michaelangelo has returned from a tour of the US and the Italians are not happy...

Here is the statue back in 2006 before the 3 year loan...


However, after a suspected (several in fact) breach of security... the Ronald MacDonald Institute wheeled this back to Italy..

scroll down to view!

Here, where did you get these "Before Christmas" and "After Christmas" pics of me from??:face-huh:
with a very long lens! :I
Good thing it was only the RMcD Institute, imagine if Disney had been the hosting company. He'd have returned with pink glittery wings, and a fig leaf.
like this Smile

I think I need a bottle of mind-bleach.
Cope with this one then... :I

Bless. A woman with curves. My knees aren't that fat, though!

I should add, that it's not Mike posting this.
and don't she look good Cool