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Do you have hope for 2010 as a crucial year for archaeology... whether good or bad... it will change? or will it. ?

will the nettles be grasped, wil we see a change as major as the PPG? will we see a shift in power? will we see the rise of the professional Field Archaeologist - appreciated and paid appropriately?

What you think? :face-thinks:
can i add 'i hope' to my vote please
You just have Smile

WE can all but hope. :face-thinks:
What a bunch of optimists we all are!
certainly are! but with a steely look at the back of my eye! Sad! I hope I am not the only one who is going to stand up and make 2010 the year of teh field archaeologist?
I am confident that that conditions will improve in the coming year.

The more the economy recovers the more job security will improve and pay and conditions likewise.

We have to be positive and strive for a better profession or leave.
Nice one... I think that the sort of spirit that will work... BUT...BUT.... WE (and I stress we - meaning all archaeologists including field archs) will have to move forward with purpose!
I hope this year will see more field archaeologists employed and better paid Smile

It's always nice to be optimistic!
Yes - for the better. I don't think it could get much worse, at least I hope not.
well... slow start people... but in general.. looks like optimism is winning!
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