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Full Version: Safety with Groups
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amiable drudge Wrote:but the Scots don't play...oh, you mean girlie rugby

I think you should come up to Scotland and say that...:face-kiss:
Proper sort PROPER SORT... !!! give me the arm wrenching blood spattered Rugby Union!
Fortunately... Scottish Girls fight like Sassanach men so dinnae mess -- ya bas! Big Grin

However... to return to the topic.

A code of Conduct and Guidance document is currently being penned... I want to throw it open to everyone... to add to, amend and edit. Should be ready for the new year.
why no smoking ?

I was on a site watching the stripping for a compond which had a designated smoking area on the plan even though most of site was still a field i had to go stand in the where the smoking area was going to be to have a fag
Another interesting one... how much training and what sort is needed before a person steps into a trench... should there be a talk (in an evening) before hand? Thats what I did a 3 hour marathon explaining it all and leaflet. A what to use, why keeping finds separate matters... when not to pull things out.. etc...
My only reason for the 'No Smoking' rule was to avoid hand to mouth contact when people might have dirty hands. I am presuming that off site when they have had the opportunity to clean up, smokers could at least eliminate one risk to their health.

Re the 'supervisors word being final' I am assuming that the supervisor is both sensible and responsible....
I have to confess that I have (I know its bad) never worried about a bit of dirt. I have (which is worse) smoked since I was 13... I have never worried about hand to mouth health worries.. and I am still here. Smile Many people use wet wipes.. and I am quite happy for them. I think it is perfectly reasonable.. and would indeed encourage that... I however go for the thick coating of mud will protect me theory.

Seriously though I will add wet wipes. But teh smoking is bad for your hand to mouth health... I'll pass on that Wink
A paragraph each on the joys of leptospirosis, Lyme disease (for walkovers) and midges (for anywhere in Scotland that isn't windy) is probably useful.
And tetnus.


David, you certainly need to add some specifics on the use of tools. I still have a welt on my right index finger from not holding a trowel properly and that's three weeks later. It doesn't bother me as small injuries to the hands are something that comes with my job but if it was somebody who wasn't used to manual work I would imagine they could be quite painful.

Probably best to make sure the correct use of mattocks is well covered. If it looks like a pick to a lay person then they will probably use it like one.

It may be worth mentioning that archaeology on TV and actually doing it are completely different entities.
Davidh Wrote:Probably best to make sure the correct use of mattocks is well covered. If it looks like a pick to a lay person then they will probably use it like one.

Even after going through a tool talk we caught someone swinging a mattock as if it was a golf club. He was showing off to his friends but luckily it was stopped before any injuries.
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