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Full Version: Teaching A Level Classical Civ. & Archaeology
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Hi everyone,

I'm after some advice please...Smile

I teach a class of 16-19years olds Classical Civ: Archaeology and the Mycenaeans, at the moment we are covering Archaeology (my fav subject! Big Grin ) focusing on
? project development
? archaeological prospecting
? excavation
? recording the site and finds
? study, analysis and presentation

Any ideas on how i can make this fun for youngsters? I love archaeology but I'm not sure my own enthusiasm is can I make things like PPG15 etc explainable on their level? Ideally I would like to teach the unit and then take them out to a site to watch an excavation so that they can put what they've learnt into context.

How would you approach the unit if you were teaching it (from an archaeologist perspective- comments from anyone would be great!) I'm new to teaching and I would like to make the learning environment as interesting as possible.

Hope you can help
Thanks all.
Here is a game... its astart,... but worked on some YACers.. so they should find it easy.

ps... I ran out of cash first time!
take a long term view of the Humanities - look at how archaeology has shaped peoples ideas about human nature, cultural evolution, ideas about race, use/abuse in politics...

do anything to break the generaly limited history curiculum - give depth and antiquity to 'ahistorical floating narratives'. Show the long threads running through disconected popular histories.

good luck.
You can set up your own mock archaeological field survey. Take a bare arable field nearby, seed it with broken modern sherds of plant pot, and bob's your uncle. You can compare different survey methods, divide classes into teams and get them to compete (who found the most sherds?), and get them to analyse, present and report their findings. All for less than ?50 and permission from the landowner/farmer.
how about looking at the critical appraoches to fieldwork (2001) by gavin lucas

particularly the forensics survey and analysis of a domestic context and the invasive properties of the scale of study into someones personal life past or present.

relates to civil liberties and rights of privacy from an over arching big brother society.

that will be a laugh to watch and deconstruct.
got any bloopers from the local spar

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Hey, thanks all! some really great ideas!

I like the 'pretend' excavation/fieldwork idea windbag. Good suggestions all round!

I'll let you all know how it goes...I'm trying to introduce the students to the idea of archaeology and break them away from the histories. I've found that most of the students are doing the course because they don't know what classical civilisation is, so I'm hoping to convert them into loving archaeology along the way. They love practicals...made some Mycenaean Linear B tablets last week (linking to thermoluminesence etc).

Anyway thanks again for all your suggestions, I'm always on the look out for more ideas! Big Grin