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Full Version: When was the last time you enjoyed an Excavation
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Driving rain... a smile and a muddy potsherd... ... thats this saturday then... see.. I am even finding the future enjoyable
I finested another ?75 quids today. Had my wellis on at about zero datum. peat to the left and right, actualy more carr like. bit windy got bored walked the dog went home
In general I think that I have enjoyed aspects of every excavation I have ever worked on. However, by the same token elements pertaining to the commercial nature of work do somewhat lessen the excavation experience. Incompetent, inconsiderate core staff members definitely can certainly put a major dampener on archaeological enjoyment. I think Mr Wooldridge and BAJR host are possibly right about spreading the wings and working outside of the commercial arena of this country for a true sense of pleasure and reward!
the closer to my grave
The last time i enjoyed archaeology was the last time I had a job!
Yup, the last time I had a job was the last time I enjoyed archaeology too....
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