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Full Version: When was the last time you enjoyed an Excavation
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I like the topic but think that the poll is slightly biased in not allowing us to vote on having enjoyed our last weeks work just cos we happened to be outside the UK. I know it doesn't suit everyone, but one of the ways to reinvigorate ones enjoyment of archaeology is to spread the wings a little.....
well I know.. but if we leave the UK for some blue sky archaeology we always lorve it! Big Grin
In the last 6 months, well 4 actually. <3 Summer uni digs


I would like to be enjoying archaeology today but am stuck in the office instead...
Yes, I'd like a 'today' button! And you can enjoy archaeology in an office!
75 quid easy money
75 quid, NOT VERY MUCH money...

and that is why we need a strong IfA.

I still do enjoy archaeology, although career-wise I am moving out of it.

There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than a really good excavation team pulling together and doing good archaeology well.
alright for about an hour and a 1/2 on shighte
its taken me about seven years to land that client
much more satisfying than hangging about with a really good excavation team pulling together and doing good archaeology well even if you are the directors numberone poodle who might be kept on to do some post ex if the field work dries up
How about 'who cares? If we worried less about how enjoyable it was and more about the state of the profession no-one would really be asking this question'.

Personally, commercial archaeology on a good day with a real sense of being a useful part of a bigger project and generally appreciated by those I and my colleagues are working with/for is infinately more enjoyable that all the community projects I have been involved in. They tend to me to have a sense of desparate inclusion just to pull in the money/look at the nice site, while at the same time a feeling of being resented by retirees who would rather 'professionals' were not looking over their shoulders. Maybe I've been on the wrong projects.
..........its all enjoyable !!!!!!!!!!!!.what else could be ???8D
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