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Full Version: London Chronology in Pottery is over 100 years out!
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Medieval Pottery Research Group

2010 Annual Conference (14th - 16th June 20010) Perth Scotland
Research carricd out on pottery shards from Perth Scotland, dated carbonized food residues from the external surfaces of 15 rim shards of London Sand Shelly Ware cooking pots. The dating produced C14 ages between 910+- 35 and 1085 +- 40 BP. This was followed by C14 measurements on similar residues from the same fabric from Billingsgate excavations in London and the Bryggen excavations in Bergan, Norway. The London and Bergan dates gave age ranges of 905+- 35 to 1115+- 35 BP and 920+-35 to 1055+-35 BP, respectively. BAyesian model assumptions suggest the introduction of Shelly Ware to London to cal AD820-1020, in Perth to cal AD930-1020 and in Bergan to cal AD980-1030 (95% probability)

These dates are c. 100-120 years earlier than the accepted London ceramic chronology; created over a number of years using coin evidence, small finds, dendrochronology etc. This now widely accepted London chronology has been used throughout Britain, Ireland, Northern Europe and Scandinavia to create local pottery sequences, There have been used in turn to date a myriad of other finds categories and archaeological sites and has been instrumental in our perceptions of much urban development.

In a bid to resolve this conundrum we at the Medieval Pottery Research Group are inviting contributions from specialists working on pertinent ceramic assemblages, coins and other relevant finds collections. We also welcome papers from archaeologists who can contribute to the debate or appropriate historical and scientific papers... Have you had doubts about a date?

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Now this is what I call exciting (not something I ever thought I would say about ceramics! Wink )
Now then David, temper your enthusiasm! Big Grin
Scotland 1 London 0

Big Grin
Its enough to send you potty. This is going to take true grit.8D


Bayesian model assumptions or not....the city of Bergen was founded by Olav Kyrre in 1070. One wonders on the effectiveness of the 'model' if it can be so inaccurate with regards to at least one-third of the comparative data. A case of an archaeological premise ignoring the basic facts of history maybe....
Is this stuff published anywhere yet?


A note on the Excavations of Bryggen

But here is the interesting thing... and this is what it throws up... in many cases it is seen as FACT.. Olav Kyrre founded Bergan in 1070. However, this should more accurately read as He is 'said' to have. Could this change ideas? and could this show that history and archaeology sometimes don't match up?

Basic Facts of history.... :face-smart: Discuss Big Grin
I meant is there anything published about the new dating of pottery in the UK, as mentioned in the intial posting rather than the archaeology of the city of Bergen. Sorry.
oooohh shiny 8D
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