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Full Version: Prospect Archaeology Newsletter - August
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- PROSPECT Newsletter -

PROSPECT, Diggers Forum, IFA and BAJR are working together now... for your benefit... watch out for the next issue..

Till then...JOIN JOIN JOIN!!! the Diggers Forum is only 5 quid a year fer !!!!

Another day anot
Woops....forgot the link!!

Another day another WSI?
Believe that when I see it sir.Not wishing to be a damp squib but there are two organisations you mention that are damned fine with creating many shiny words but who in reality, have done one large bag of buggar all for years.The response of at least one of the aforementioned to problems in archaeology is simply to talk about it.For a very long time.Together then, are we not simply expanding the number of groups so that the talk goes on ad infinitum?

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
At least this time we have actual timescales, so that you can see whether the talking turns to action... at the discussion, it was important to have both achievable goals that were not so limp as to be laughed at, and actually being seen to be doing something after years of talking. So ... wath this space I say!

Another day another WSI?