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Full Version: Bosworth Battlefield Survey - Result
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Just heard on the news this morning that the results of a 4 year study on the battlefield - led by the Battlefield Trust with specialists and including metal detectors has moved the battle 2 miles from its previous location and also provided a mass of new evidence into the medieval warfare.

Well done - a good project with a good solid ending!

More resources here:
Battlefield Trust

Bosworth Battle Centre
Nice to see metal detectors being properly used as an intergral part of the archaeological surveying. Smile
Took a field trip there this time last year (when I say "took" I mean literally - all these qualifications and they just want me for my bus driving abilities :face-plainSmile. The alternative locations were already displayed in the new vis-centre (which is pretty good as long as it's not full of kids }Smile).

Went back a few weeks ago and noticed that the 'site' had been refocused in an attempt to still claim custody of part of the battlefield, with the guided walks now going down the old railway line to the canal bridge. In fact the heritage management issues that it throws up are as interesting as the battlefield itself - defo a short paper in it for someone!

I've not been through the new evidence in detail and so don't know for sure just how sound the new location is - I wonder if our tour guide was over egging it a bit?

Anyhow, the site/centre is very good and well worth a visit if you are in the area (although you will come out of the interactive display saying "I shall say zis only once" in a rubbish French accent Smile)