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Full Version: IfA Conference 2010 - Sessions announced
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Sessions for IfA's 2010 conference have been released. At present this isn't a full list, more sessions and details will be added over the coming weeks. Sessions will include

# Palaeolithic/Mesolithic coastal and marine archaeology; new discoveries and techniques - Martin Bell, University of Reading
# Fairgrounds for debate: celebrating the heritage of amusement parks - Jason Wood, Heritage Consultancy Services
# Researching the past: history and archaeology - Catherine Cavanagh, Victoria County History
# In situ preservation of the underwater cultural heritage - methods and approaches: a dialogue between policy and practice - Paola Palma, IfA Maritime Affairs Group
# Celebrating Innovation (round table discussion) - Andrea Bradley, IfA
# Through a glass lens darkly: archaeology, the media and an image crisis in the making? - Kathryn Whittington, IfA and Dan Hull, CBA
# Generation Next: community archaeology and the future - Suzie Thomas and Dan Hull, CBA
# Making the most of planning guidance: PPS implementation - Peter Hinton, IfA and Adrian Olivier, English Heritage
# Training and CPD - Andrea Bradley and Kate Geary, IfA
# Heritage crime - Pete Wilson, English Heritage
# The Archaeology of Love David Jennings - Oxford Archaeology
# Commercial archaeological practice in the UK: the viewpoint from the Construction Industry Andrew Townsend - Bristol and Region Archaeological Service

If anybody would like to propose a paper for any session please get in touch with Alex Llewellyn at
Is that a typo or is the actual title of one of the sessions 'The Archaeology of Love David Jennings'? Its apparently being given by Oxford Archaeology, does that mean all of the staff? I have an image of well ordered troops marching by holding his image on high, perhaps with missile carriers following on behind, fireworks, marching bands etc. I know OA are regarded by many as trying to take over the world, I didn't realise it had been raised to a Chairman Mao-style level of devotion to the great leader!! :o)
What have you got against our beloved leader? Your name will be taken down and you will suffer the consequences! :o)
I haven't got anything against him - please don't send in the tanks!! Smile
RedEarth Wrote:Love David Jennings'

how could you not Smile
Yes, that's a typo. I'll go and fix it in the post on the IfA group.
aw... I like it the first way Smile
I think the Archaeology of Love will be a popular theme (whether it involves David Jennings or not). The most popular post by far on my blog is this, it was posted up about 2 years ago when they were found in Mantua near Verona and still gets quite a lot of hits:
Entitled Neolithic couple in Eternal Embrace.

[Image: eternal_embrace_513x600.jpg]