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Full Version: Metal Detector Brands
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Lets try and start a debate

Why is that metal-detector brand names always seem to imply treasure?

Minelab is presumably shorthand for [gold]minelab or [silver]minelab rather than [coal]minelab or [salt]minelab.

With the PAS and better relationships with archaeologists maybe detectors should start to have names like 'Topsoil Scanner, linked by GPS into the NMR and programmed to power-down if operated on a Scheduled Monument', rather than 'Nugget Hunter'.

My apologies to Gary Brun whose posting triggered this tirade, I have met loads of detectorists, who are utterly ethical, proffesional and take a leading role in both community projects and the PAS and are as a consequence invaluable, and I am sure that Gary Brun is one of those. However, I have also met detectorists who whilst very enthusiatic, helpful and generous with both their time and knowledge, still mention the financial value of artefacts in a way which leaves me feeling a bit uneasy.

Can anyone suggest any alternative more archaeology friendly brand names for detectors?

Even if loads of people rant at me for posting this at least it will get BAJR moving again.
Actually, a lot of the detector manufacturers do have fairly 'neutral' names. Off the top of my head I can think of Whites, C-Scope, Garret, Fisher and Laser.
Sorry showing my ignorance

I didn't make 'Nugget Hunter' up by the way, I worked for a unit with one, although it was obsolete, useless and didn't work.
All depends on what sort of nuggets they find...

[Image: Chicken+Nuggets.jpg]


and thanks ex arch for prodding people! As you will see over the next few days I am re-organising the place to help bring people back in!

What about the SherdHunter 12000
How about Archaeological Destroyer,
Artifact Hoover }Smile

Serously though.
Minelab comes from Mine... the ones that can blow your legs off.
My apologies Gary,

My ignorance and prejudice against detectorists has been shown up.

Land mine detection is the most worthwhile use of all



Quote:its mine , mine, all mine... my precious!
Mine too.. :o)
I thought you were all like Indiana Jones?
A quick online search revealed the following metal-detector brands/models:

Bounty Hunter [Image: face-huh.png]

Golden Mask (You too can have the curse of Tutenkamun)

Goldmaxx Power (For the detectorist who wishes he was in the TA)

Minelab Ultra-deep Hoard/Gold Detectors (neither of which are likely to blow your leg off)

Bounty Hunter Junior

Garret Treasure Ace (Not looking for nails in order record lost Roman timberwork then?)

Treasure Cove (Sounds a bit Disneyesque)

Quick Silver

Quick Draw II (eh!)

Sharp Shooter II (Presumably for locating the rifle Grandad buried in case the Germans came)

Minelab Safari (Perfect for locating elephants)[Image: face-monkey.png]

I surpose at the end of the day its what metal-detectors are used for not what they are called which matters
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