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Full Version: Scaling back the BAJR Fed site
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I am in deep thought mode about restructuring the whole thing.. or scaling back to a more forum based system with additions rather than the full scale beast that I launched.

Sometimes it is easier for me to make mistakes which is why feedback about this is welcome. That said, I want opinions. Perhaps people were not quite ready for Behemoth BAJR Smile Perhaps we are too small a group (archaeologists) for this to work effectively) perhaps it is too ahead of its time? or perhaps it was just a daft idea.. :p

Whatever... your opinions are welcome. :face-kiss:
To be honest, I've never had a particularly clear idea of what the BAJR Fed was supposed to achieve. I remember David saying just before its inception that it would be up to individual members to mould the course of its development and it seems to me that most people are happy to have a forum-based set-up and, more or less, leave it at that.

It has been commented that the BAJR Site Hut has been rather quiet of late (an impression that I share), and it's been suggested that this is down to people feeling insecure in their jobs (where they still have them) and not wishing to rock the boat. Perhaps those of us who have lost our jobs are so dispirited with archaeology in general (hopefully a temporary state of affairs) that we no longer feel like participating. I don't know.

And yet... In its (in my, perhaps unfair, opinion) rather muted, unimaginative and iandequate reponse to the effects of the economy upon field archaeologists, the IfA has suggested that newly redundant archaeologists need to find ways of supporting each other encouragingly and constructively through these difficult times. BAJR Fed seems a perfect arena to this on a local, regional and national level. So why hasn't that happened?

I know that I have part of the answer when I acknowledge that I've thrown this stone from atop my enormous glass house and, of course, the potential of the BAJR Fed is far wider than helping unemployed archaeologists. But, if we can't use it effectively in the middle of a crisis that still threatens to engulf all of us, then what the hell is it there for?

I'll crawl back into my bunker now.


I'm relatively new to the BAJR forum so do not know what was here before but I like the site. I find it easy to navigate and use so have no problem with it at all. Having said that it does feel a bit 'empty' perhaps.
I'm not sure if BAJR has lost people in the translation as a result of people having to effectively reapply- put in their details, think up of a password and username etc. This combined with BAJRFed becoming a "proper" organisation running parallel to the website has probably left people feeling like they are signing up to a movement rather than a discussion forum.

I'm doing my bit to encourage people to join in the discussions by being deliberately provocative in the hopes that it might raise a few hackles and get people typing.

Keep up the good work I say!
Archaeologists always talk about the last site they were on as being better than the one their on now. Guess that also translates into cyberspace. You're waging a one man war against apathy here, and all power to you for trying. Build it, and they will come!
Give it time....
as Luke Skywalker said

Stay on Target!

Stay on Target!

Stay on Target!

Stay on Target!
windbag sort of sums up my feelings about the site, it feels like there are two ways in, straight to the job page, or straight to the forum, in fact my bookmarks on differant computers open either of these doors, creating the feeling that i'm there are two completey differant sites.? "does that make any sense"

but as LS says

Stay on Target
yups yuppity yup...

I ma trying to put my planet like brain :face-smart: into seemless integration where you go BAJR jobs hunt... can go to the Forum (here) and then pop in to the Fed site... OR go from Fed site to here and into jobs

you are right that at teh moment it is like two sites... the secrets will be in integration... and the Fed can be used
Why are there two log-in things on the front page?
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