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Full Version: Funny Context sheets, To bring back an old Favorite
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Inputting context sheets i found this amazing explaination,

Cut 92331
Shape in plan, Not perceptible
Corners, none
Break of slope, Not perceptible
Sides, Not clearly defined

The fill for the cut was 92332 which was discribe as indistingushable from 90956 the layer that it was cut into

No sizes given or plans, section or photos,

I think this is pretty wicked as a waste of paper }Smile
In the space for description and any other comments: "too hungover".

Need I say more?:face-crying:
Drunky - Is it possible that they had been told to record a feature that they didn't believe actually existed? That sounds like a pretty good description of nothing!
Theres a second sheet with the same initials which discribes a deposit 2mm thick and 15mm wide, no length and no matrix to be fair this was one from part of the site i was supervising so that ones my fault.
It was a long streessful job so mabye some madness had crept in

Ive been freed by feild work so no more of that for me
why bother filling in context sheets .................... in fact why bother being on site or actually doing archaeology if this is the attitude / competence level...................
not big...not clever.............there are good folks out there who would relish the opportunity in these hard times !!!!!!!!!!!!!Sad!
monty Wrote:in fact why bother being on site or actually doing archaeology

indeed... as most commercial archaeology finds very little archaeology one would hope for more excitement rather than silliness

Found a context sheet from one of my sites though...

Cut, filled with 12th century Church

I guess it is strictly true! :o)


NOT FUNNY _ just shows how pathetic and unregulated the industry is in Britain. Its all about the ?????


P.S where's the diggin jobs?
The digger who wrote the sheets was Candian so was it was a foreigners stealing jobs, don't get to upset it was also from a site dug two years ago the post ex funding came through at last so it not like there taking up job on the market now
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