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Full Version: CSCS Revision Book
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Does anyone have the CSCS revision book they could give me or sell for a reduced price? It seems a bit of a waste to spend ?9.00 I don't really have on something like this if someone has a copy they don't need anymore.


You could try getting an interlibrary loan from your public library. I think you're allowed a few of these a year without charge. BTW, in case you're signing on, the DWP should pay for the CSCS ticket. Otherwise, I haven;t looked, but I bet there's some on for a penny plus P&P at Amazon.


Thanks for the advice!
You will tell us how you got on!

Big Grin

by the way... have you read this:

Are you working at the moment? If so, I think your employer should be paying for this. We bought the CD for about ?12 which anyone can use in our offices. We will then be paying for our staff to take the training.


I am not working at the moment but fingers crossed this will make me a little bit more employable!

Thanks for the link David.

I managed to get a CD-Rom off Ebay for ?3.50 so saved a few pennies there.
If your still interested in getting the book I have one although it is an amazingly straight forward test. I got mine from amazon delivered the next day and it was still cheaper than the purchase price direct from CSCS

It might just be the DWP being tight but I couldn't get any help towards the costs of my CSCS or First Aid course.
The DWP will help you back into work in any way they can, provided it doesn't involve spending any money whatsoever.


Well I have used the document kindly put on the BAJR website and bought a test disc of Ebay which is quite good so think I have it covered. Just have to find the money to pay for the test now!