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Full Version: Hunting in Britain by Barry Lewis
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There have been hunters for more than 700,000 years in Britain. This book considers the archaeological and historical evidence for hunting and examines diverse topics such as rock-art, royal forests and parks, foxhunting, hunting techniques, strategies and weapons. Sites including Creswell Crags, Chatsworth House, Stafford Castle, Cheddar Gorge, the New Forest and the Pictish symbol stones of Scotland are explored. New light is shed on the role of hunting in the nature of land appropriation by ancient elite classes and the influence they had on land tenure and how this shaped the British landscape. Human-animal relationships, particularly horses and dogs, are examined through time and show how we evolved a highly dynamic symbiosis.

In the first book to bring together all the periods, from the Palaeolithic to the modern era and to examine the archaeology and history of hunting, Hunting in Britain makes revealing insights into the nature of man?s relationship with the natural world and our complex relationship with hunting in the modern world. A long overdue work, Hunting in Britain facilitates a better understanding of the role of hunting in the past and its recent controversial status, including the ban on hunting with dogs, which was primarily designed to end the sport of foxhunting in 2004.

Hunting in Britain From the Ice Age to the Present
Barry Lewis
ISBN 978 0 7524 4802 2. 224 pages. Illustrated throughout and with 23 colour plates.
Paperback ?19.99

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